Flawless coordination leads to long-term partnership

30 October 2020

Callens' heat systems keep the raw materials at the right temperature while their ventilation systems guarantee the perfect air quality in the production halls. “From the engineering, fitting and follow-up to the maintenance: Callens is our port of call for all the thermal aspects of our production process”, explains Kris Goor, Group Process Engineering Manager at Soudal.

Soudal is Europe’s leading independent manufacturer of sealants, adhesives and PU foam for professionals and DIYers alike. With more than 3,000 employees and 20 production plants across five continents, this 100 % Belgian family-owned business, founded by Vic Swerts, has grown into a world player and expert in chemical building materials. Major investments in R&D, a long-standing vision of innovation and an ability to adjust to local market needs formed the bedrock of our excellent performance.

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To Soudal's highest standards

Kris Goor, Group Process Engineering Manager at Soudal: “Some six years ago we were looking for an industrial partner with a clear focus on thermal processes because, for products like ours, it is essential that the raw materials are kept at a constant temperature. We found the perfect partner in Callens, expert in reliable process temperatures. As it happens, they were just after opening a second production plant, in Geel of all places, within a stone’s throw of our headquarters in Turnhout.”

“Thanks to their decades of experience in industrial applications, we had no qualms about leaving them in charge of the project. As expected, they displayed the necessary flexibility and managed to flawlessly match the system designs to our production standards. This is how we ended up with a thermal oil system that seamlessly integrates with the existing Soudal pipework.”

Well-earned trust

“At Soudal, a qualitative end product and a safe working environment are paramount. That’s why we also called on Callens for our air conditioning. They supplied us with a balanced air technology that creates a vacuum which extracts the solvent fumes and draws in fresh air. The story had the same happy ending as our heating installation one: the collaboration went flawlessly, from planning and timing to permits and file handover. Gaining Soudal’s trust tends to be a tall order, yet we’re the first to applaud Callens’s expertise here every day.”