Clean air crucial in assembling batteries for electric cars

18 March 2021

A safe and dust-free environment is crucial when assembling batteries for electric cars. Our Cauls designed a solution that ventilates the new battery manufacturing plant of Volvo Car Ghent, in accordance with the high standards that are imposed. The result is a penthouse measuring about 30 meters in length, in which all technical parts are housed.


Reliable ventilation for bustling battery manufacturing plant

With Callens as their trusted ventilation partner by its side, Volvo Car Ghent kick-started its battery manufacturing plant, next to the existing site in the North of Ghent. There, we installed a penthouse on the roof of the new production hall, functioning as an air handling unit which produces clean cold and warm air. Using the penthouse, we are able to respond to the three main challenges: keeping the areas dust-free from all sizes of particles, cooling the plant’s transformers in order to guarantee their safe functioning, and, lastly, creating a comfortable working environment for the employees.

A system of overpressure makes sure no dust from neighboring areas enters the production hall, since strict norms on that mater are in force. Additionally, our teams designed and installed a ventilation system that keeps the transformers at a safe temperature, so they can feed the manufacturing plant without any danger of overheating. The comfortably warm environment for the employees, eventually, is created with at least 50% recovered heat. A sustainable solution for the sustainable product of our customer.

The advantages of a trusted HVAC partner

We know the ins and outs of the site of Volvo Car Ghent by now, since we’ve been a trusted HVAC partner for years. And that brings about multiple advantages. With every project, we’re swiftly turning our expertise into actions. Even after that, we remain at their disposition for urgent and non-urgent services. Eventually, we’re also able to optimize the efficiency maximally since we have a good eye on all the technologies that are at place.

Volvo Car Gent is a manufacturing plant of the Volvo Car Corporation. The plant is part of Volvo Car’s ambitious sustainable strategy: boosting the production capacity of electric cars in Ghent to 60 percent of the total production by 2022 and to 100 percent by 2030.