Callens awarded as sports company

27 October 2022

Callens is officially recognized as a sports company by Sport Vlaanderen. A nice recognition for the many sports and exercise moments that we offer our Cauls on a daily basis.

Doing sports together, during and after working hours

Since the opening of the new building in Waregem, the Cauls have access to the Calliërs Gym, their very own gym, from early morning until late at night. There, they let off the necessary steam to recharge their batteries. They get the flexibility to exercise both during and after the working hours - when they need it most or when it best fits their schedule.

The Cauls Gym is also the ideal place to train for CC's Container Cup - the sports challenge during which the Cauls and CallensVynckeneers compete against each other, yet also motivate each other to the last drop of sweat. Be sure to follow their adventures on our Facebook page. Did you know, for example, that we throw discus with a blind flange? Talking about a fun Callens touch!

Callens sportbedrijf

More well-being with the launch of the TeleWel project

We kicked off the TeleWel project this month. It focuses on well-being for teleworkers, but of course we give all Cauls the opportunity to participate in the project at any time. Together with the TeleWel organization, we are further embedding the pillars of food, move and mood in our HR policy in the coming years.

Webinars and challenges on healthy eating, movement, stress-management, sleep, etc. are coming up soon. In short, topics for which we sometimes don't make enough time. So we make that time for our Cauls. If we put our shoulders to the wheel together, we achieve much more and we keep it up for a longer time. Especially with such great colleagues!

Actually, the Cauls have been making exercising at work for a while now. They form their own walking club, they regularly organize bike rides in the neighborhood, they hit ping-pong balls back and forth, they chat with each other during walks in our countryside, ... There is no shortage of initiatives!

We communicate these initiatives and other inside information on our Facebook and LinkedIn pages. We welcome you as our follower to update you regularly!


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