Callens boosts reliable process temperature in Liège

24 April 2024

Callens is scaling up its business in Liège to provide the local industry with reliable process temperature, 24/7. Our current and yet to be recruited colleagues are meeting the dire need for a prompt and technically outstanding service and the skill to design and build new heating systems. 

Indefatigable technical service

Having an expert at your beck and call 24/7, that’s what you call an indefatigable technical service. With that promise, Callens is helping the manufacturing sector to keep their business running smoothly with heat. Day and night if need be.  

A team of service coordinators, experts and specialised technicians deliver on that promise. “We either do it right or we don’t do it at all. That’s our motto. We have been trained to resolve the most complex issues and are always at the ready to help one another - amongst colleagues - in word and deed,” says Julien Infantino, experienced service technician at Callens.  

Service Manager Erwin De Coninck confirms: “Our expertise is our greatest asset. It is what our clients count on and what gives them peace of mind and stability in the production environment. Ever since we made our mark on the region with a Callens branch - our headquarters are situated in the province of West Flanders – the phone has been hopping. Luckily, we had a strong team of technicians at hand from day one and another 200 colleagues to pull it all off in a qualitative manner.” 

Personal experience instils confidence

Anyone who has half an idea what Callens is about, knows that they put great store by a personal relationship with their clients. Both when it comes to an outstanding service and to flawless project implementation when installing new systems.  

We sense that clients have great confidence in us. Some even blindly so. That is really thanks to the personal relationship we build with them, our response time, and obviously our in-depth knowledge which takes the burden off their shoulders,” explains Erwin. 

Furthermore, our experts keep working on the systems to make them ever more reliable. Everything is adjusted with extreme precision and parts are replaced in good time to prevent needless and costly downtimes. 

Team expansion reinforces the Callens promise

Callens bolsters this perfect recipe for confidence with a larger team. The first recruitments are a fait accompli already, with inter alia Branch Manager Mathias Guns who will lead the expansion in Liège. While the extra colleagues bring their own technical experience to the workplace, they will also be immersed in the signature Callens systems and culture. In doing so, the company guarantees its unique, first-rate service throughout the entire organisation. 

The advantage of a team expansion within a strong group? “We continually share our experiences with one another, that way everyone continues to learn quickly. Furthermore, our training programmes are highly structured. Callens offers training pathways with in-house and external coaching so that everyone gets the opportunity to acquire the right knowledge and gain the relevant experience,” explains Erwin. 

Sustainable design, installation, and servicing of industrial heating and air solutions

Callens is renowned for its gamut of industrial heating and air technologies and is increasingly focusing on sustainable technologies - using electricity or waste flows - to make manufacturing plants future-proof. Now and after the 2050 climate objectives. 

Design, installation, and servicing are crucial phases, which is why everything is done in-house. With our own staff who are not afraid to roll up their sleeves.  

Customers must work on sustainability. They sense that we can advise them and have the solutions to help them operate sustainably in a dedicated manner. At their pace and in line with their needs. Also in this narrative, the power of a company with solid, extensive roots in industrial energy comes to the fore. We can count on technology engineers who thoroughly scrutinise and implement the best current-day and future technologies. That way, we seamlessly help clients to make the switch to smarter energy sources and energy recovery systems,” explains Erwin De Coninck, service manager at Callens.