Steam, heat recovery and thermal oxidization of baking fumes in one package

Steam is a perfect step on the way to a more energy-efficient production process. Together with Optimum by Callens, we installed at this potato processor a well-matched, highly efficient total package.

After steam clouds from a thermal oxidizer, follow heat recovery and thermal oxidization

The steam for this internationally renowned potato processor is generated by Optimum by Callens with a thermal oxidizer. Extra capacity was needed for the new production unit where potatoes are processed into rosti potatoes. And an effective way to combat the intense odour. Without energy consumption becoming unsustainable. This thermal oxidizer now meets all the requirements.

Sturdy piping connects the steam to its consumers and re-users

Callens connected the new steam installation with consumers and re-users in the production hall via perfectly designed piping.

🗸 We literally keep the pressure on all boilers such as the steam peeler, baking oven … with 20 barg high-pressure piping. 
The residual heat from the biogas engines is exhausted through sustainable piping to the various heat applications
🗸 Compressed air is piped throughout the production hall
🗸 Our hard water and soft water pipes, including pump groups, guarantee the highest steam quality.

Technical characteristics

  • Capacity: 30T/h
  • Operating pressure: 24 barg
  • Working pressure: 21 barg