Boilers on hire

Do you have a short-term need for extra thermal capacity? Callens stocks an extensive range of rental boilers for steam and hot water production. Aside from our own range of superior boilers, we can also supply you with units from 200kg to 25 tons via our partners in the Benelux.

Up to a certain capacity, the boilers are integrated in containers. Boilers weighing 5 tons or more are installed on trailers.

Rental boiler characteristics

  • Supplied with CE mark
  • No more than ten years old
  • Equipped to run on gas and/or LSO
  • Fully consistent with the strictest Vlarem II emission standards
  • Maximum efficiency
  • Equipped with every conceivable component (gas train, switch box, feedwater pumps, stack and PLC) to facilitate independent operation
  • Can be supplied with feedwater tank, LSO tank, drain pot...
  • Connected with hoses to reduce technical intervention time and facilitate flexible and speedy installation
Huurketels Callens huren van stoomketel

As efficiency is the Callens rental department's middle name, we will have you up and running within 24 hours.

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