Pasta in search of scorching, Italian temperatures

Belgians may love their golden fried chips but are not adverse to a touch of Italy on their plate either! With that knowledge in mind, this pasta producer expanded its production, with the help of Callens.

Never ever mistake hot water for water warm! The production site of this renowned pasta producer is one enormous hot water circuit, especially after the expansion we were involved in. We took care of the pipework and connected the new pasta line to the 140 °C hot water circuit. In view of the high process temperature, we also put the necessary supports in place. At that, we charted the specific requirements so as to prevent the pipes expanding.  


Technical characteristics

  • Hot water pipeline network
  • Operating pressure: 4 barg
  • Working pressure: 8 barg
  • Regime: 140 °C / 110 °C
Callens piping leiding heetwatercircuit
Callens piping leiding heetwatercircuit