Combined heat and power solutions

About Callens and Vyncke

Callens and Vyncke are specialists in the production of steam and thermal oil from fossil fuels and biomass respectively. At the beginning of 2010 they set up CallensVyncke, a new company that not only produces heat, but also power in industrial process environments.

As a specialist EPC contractor for gas CHPs from 1MWe to 20MWe, CallensVyncke has grown into a leading, unique integrator of gas turbines and engines.

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Project in the spotlight

Our ‘Project in the spotlight’ customer replaced its thermal system with CHP after 40 years. The CHP system produces 65% of its power needs and 100% of its steam needs.

Besides a gas turbine (4.6MWe) with a HRSG (27T/h), this new thermal system also includes two backup boilers to increase the maximum capacity. This reduces its CO2 emissions by approximately 5000 tons per year. The higher efficiency also cuts energy consumption by 10%.

Fuel: natural gas
Sound Pressure Level (outside): <35 db(A)
Overall Efficiency: 92.9%
Electrical Efficiency: 38.17%